Our Vision, Mission, and Value

Diachemix, LLC is a leader in the development of market disruptive, patent protected, and specialized rapid diagnostic tests using Fluorescence Polarization assays for major animal diseases and food safety applications.

Headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Diachemix is focused on improving the health and safety of animals and human food on a global basis. We have developed an extensive platform of rapid diagnostic tests, based upon Fluorescence Polarization technology, to detect the presence of a disease, pathogen, or other target substances that deliver accurate results in minutes without extensive setup time, the use of dangerous reagents, or the need for highly trained technicians. Our tests save you time, money and resources compared to traditional test methods.

Diachemix also manufactures and sells a portable single-well instrument (Sentry® 100), and distributes a micro-titer plate instrument used to preform the tests.

Our Vision

Improve the safety and health of the global food chain.

Our Mission

Create superior value for our customers, shareholders and employees through innovative development and implementation of products, services and processes that deliver consistent, reliable, rapid, accurate and cost-effective results

Our Values

Honesty and Integrity. We are open and honest in all of our practices and actions.

Passion. We have a passion for creating delight among our employees, customers, and shareholders.

Fairness. We treat others as we wish to be treated.

Ambition. We set achievable ambitious goals as individuals and as a corporation.

Teamwork. We work as a team internally and externally, generating success for customers and ourselves.

Accountability. We hold each other accountable for our actions and achievement of our goals